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Slick, as a word,  might mean: smooth, glossy, slippery, done smart, effective, persuasive, confident, and excellent / wonderfull [slang]. As an abbreviation it could be seen as: Souvereign Life Inspired Creating Karma (action/work/deed/intent), well for Slick dot CF it does. And the CF does stand for Crypto Fiat. What could be translated into hidden agreement, or encrypted approval. 

This is where things like BlockChains and the things that come with them fit in. Like Digital Coins for instance, or Virtual Money, but also contracts, all entangled within a BlockChain through a Crypto Fiat. Slick dot CF is about that, and the Creating Karma that is Inspired by Souvereign Life. And that could mean anything really.

It started with decentralized stuff like BiTCoin, NXT and so on, and in 2015 went further ahead with the adoption of SlothCoin. Where does it go? Will BlockChain technology create more freedom for humanity? Or will it be boom and bust?

Slick dot CF will dive into that matter and more.


Do you have Telegram messenger? Then you can contact OalDamster by that. To talk about contributing to the developement team of Slothcoin for instance.

OalDamster is my brand, for cross reference:  Steem It blockchain

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Souvereign Life Inspired Creating Karma