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Difficulty and blocksize

There seems to be something to do about blocksize, should it be gigantic? Even mister Satoshi himself got involved again. Allthough that is subject of discussion inside the world of BiTCoin. Some were even asking to shut him up. Even if it seemed very likely that is was indeed the creator of BiTCoin himself. Now why should the developers listen to him right? Or should they, because he is making a legit point?

It started to go in a direction of spliting up BTC when a group developers started to try to get mainstream acceptance. In some way this would make BiTCoin about the same thing as fiat money. As a virtual version of it. That is a big deal, because at a certain point it would get regulated by law and taxed the next moment. Also Banks could have a real go at it. And major corporations too.

Now, mister Nakamoto Satoshi would have to step in, because, as far as it can be understood, this was the opposite of why BiTCoin was created.

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Slothcoin fork released

A new splashscreenSooner than expected the sourcecode and GNU-Linux binaries have been released. Version 1.3.1 [build 3] are ready to go, way before block 300K. The WinX and MacX binaries are not available yet. And there are bounties, to be payed in SLOTH, for whoever builds them in time.

There were some minor hickups, like losing the sourcecode changes, but now it is ready to go. The changed reward system kicks in at block 300K and the Qt-wallet and deamon have been tested on Ubuntu GNU-Linux. Starting fast, getting the blocks in at full spead and even mining very well.

The QR-code has been fixed, less warnings during build and some other minor changes have been done. The change from block 300K has been made conditional. It needs consensus of the network though. That means that all current 1.3.0 versions need to update to 1.3.1 to get it really going from block 300K.

Remember to ALWAYS backup your current Wallet before changing to version 1.3.1 [build 3]. Better even do two Backups, on different media, like a USB stick or SD-card.

May the Sloth be with you!

The new wallet

Testing Slothcoin

Starting with a complete download of the Slothcoin Blockchain to see if it all goes according to plan. There were some hickups along the way during compiling the alterned source-code. The QR-code gave a fatal error, but that has been fixed too.

What is new? First of all the reward system has been changed to fit the maximum amount of Slothcoin to 92.233.720.367. That is a lot, but still almost 8 billion below the supposed amount to be released over time. Beyond this figure it the total amount of Slothcoin would have become negative. This is due to the nature of the used variable.

The reward system will give 10 days of big awards to miners, starting with 100 blocks worth 1 million SLOTH. About 4 hours of crazy mining, starting from block 300K. After those days there will be years of 4321 Slothcoin per block mining ahead. To keep the Sloth going.

There has been a change in looks and some minor code changes. Also making sure that the different versions will work as one until block 300K. While testing the GNU Linux version, there are also WinX and MacX compile needed before block 300K. The Qt as well as the deamon version. There is a topic at BiTCoinTalk, and you can also respond here. (Reward for Qt version 10 Million Sloth, deamon 5 Million, so in total a 30 Million Sloth bounty.)

The sourcecode will be available at Github, after the tests have gone well. (Currently there is the original fork version

May the Sloth be with you!