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Slothcoin at 500%…!?

This is something I really would like all those who have SLOTH in their wallet to know. As I stopped being actively involved with Slothcoin and moved on to other things I stopped following its price developement. And to my suprise I read that SLOTH is worth 5 lite-satoshi!

Now this is a great way to start a new year for the Slothies. A rise of 500% as it is being traded at the Cryptopia exchange. Cryptos are booming and it is great to see Slothcoin become a part of that.

It is been build to last, POW mining into 2021. So there is still some SLOTH to get.

May the SLOTH be with you!

Slothcoin is doing great!

It seems the old Slothcoin dot org website has been brought to life again. Who did this or why is currently unknown, yet it does offer the right version for download. Only the Windows version that is, by the way. No link to the GitHub sourcecode. Also there is some serious misinformation being spread on the Slothcoin BitcoinTalk threads. It seems that a few have not taken the effort to actually read into the topics at BitcoinTalk. Instead they spread FUD. 

Just to make it very clear. The Slothcoin community version 1.3.1 [build 3] is running for its third year now. With a huge support of all connected nodes. At the time of writing my node has 24 connections, all running version 1.3 [.1.3]. And I do not know what the anonymous registrar of Slothcoin dot org has in mind. But please be aware that it only got registered again on the 28th of november 2017. And it is unclear as to who did so.

Home of young Sluke

Slick dot CF is almost three years the home for the young Sluke, the community fork of Sloda, the previous one as started by the developer known as Timo. And normaly I would have kept my silence on, but now with the FUD and wrong information being spread, I had to make clear what the facts are. Because this rubbish could harm Slothcoin, just while it is doing so very well. The market price is going up and it seems a lot of miners have discovered a Crypto that may cripple that crap known as ripple.

But, seriously, although I publicly stepped back from promoting Slothcoin and being active in the community, I can not stand by and see how others spread rumours. And I have to restrain myself here because I do think that there is at least one member at BitcoinTalk that is actually to easy-going in this. Who first should have read the actuall threads and then just had to look at the actuall version being used everywhere. And I really am still quite pissed off.

Good things do take time

Luckily most links are still pointing in the right directions. This website has been serving the little Sloth that could for almost three years now. And I just updated the download links to the BOX addresses where I put them. And the sourcecode is there too, just like on Github. So Slothcoin can move on!

The irony of it all is that the Bitcointalk member spreading the FUD and wrong information is actually using version 1.3.1 build 3…

Never mind that now, as things are looking better than ever before for Slotchoin. All the best for 2018 and may the Sloth be with you!

With kind regards,


Just to make it clear.

Dear Slothcoin community,

Since block 300K Slothcoin v1.3.1b3 has been moving forward quite steady, like a Sloth does. Unfortunately the permanent nodes disappeared at some point. Also there did not seem to be peers that had TCP port 5107 open and it looked like the Slothcoin network was about to go down. That after some attacks with older Slothcoin versions that tried to enforce a blockchain split.The past few months have been a rough ride for the little Sloth that could. And together with some other Slothies (Like Star Trek fans are: Trekkies.) we managed to pull it several times out off high diff. Plus making sure version 1.3.1.b3 stayed the longest chain.

Because of the possible p2p network down for good, therefore ending Slothcoin, until it would get restarted again (a possible scenario), the idea came to create a blockchain swap for Slothcoin. All with the idea to safe Slothcoin, by moving it to Bitshares for example. With a swap of 1000:1. Bitshares has its own decentralized exchange where Slothcoin would be traded against all the other cryptos there. Also it would have its own mobile (bitshares) multi-wallet and point of sales. This looked like a possible solution for Slothcoin to be able to move on and even get more value plus better and broader use.

A recent reply by @digit about that swap idea put a different light on it. Now from my point of view blockchain technologies like Bitshares, Steem, and soon to be EOS, are far superior to any other. And if Slothcoin could not make it on its own, it could be moved to a better system. And it would get its own use in a multiwallet with a point of sales to support it. That was the idea, the suggestion.

Thanks to the reply I have become aware of how I actually have moved on. Away from Bitcoin like cryptos, energy burning POW mining and centralized exchanges. Since I became active at Steem, traded at Bitshares and started to see the huge potential that EOS is going to bring, that is what I see as the crypto future.

The reason that I put a lot of time, effort and energy in keeping Slothcoin going was because I had a click with it, like a few others I know also do. And I wanted it to go on, just like some other Slothie fans.

But now things were put in perspective for me, that was the final push I needed. The community I moved forward to into the crypto future is at Steem, Bitshares and is soon to be extended to EOS.

That is where I am going to put my time, effort and energy in. Also because the community at Steem is very supportive, in so many ways. (And I get payed quite well for posting, that is a nice bonus…)

Slothcoin future?
It was, is and will be in the hands of the Slothies, the Slothcoin community. Version 1.3.1b3 set the POW block mining rewards in a way that it could be mined until 2021. If I remember the math correctly. Rewards of 4321 SLOTH can be given until block 1229584 and the current block count is not even at 600K right now. So, still a lot of SLOTH to get. Roughly calculated that means there is still about 3 billion SLOTH to mine.

If Slothcoin moves on depends on peers having TCP port 5107 open or even better two or more permanent nodes available. But even if it comes to a temporary halt, it can always be restarted, brought back to life from a long sleep. (That accounts for any coin that apparantly has stopped over time.)

As long as possible I will keep the website home of Slothcoin, slick dot cf, going. The sourcecode is still at Github and can always be forked. Some Slothies and I, active at Steem, will do our best to keep an eye out for the little cute one. And will try to help it get out off high diff, if possible.

But I will stop with taking any kind of innitiative here or elsewhere anymore, concerning Slothcoin. Time for some new fresh innitiatives from others. For me Slothcoin was, is and will be a community effort.

Thanks for all the support and all the best to you and those dear to you.

With kind regards,