SlothCoinSlick dot CF adopted SlothCoin in august 2015. A unique Keccak (SHA3) BiTCoin offspring, still going slowly but steady.

A new look, and some changes that will make a difference. The total amount of SLOTH to be released will be 92 billion (and some change). More than 7 billion below the intended 100 billion. This is due the maximum value that can fit into a certain variable used in the programming language for the Slothcoin.

Starting block 300K this will give a changed reward system, making POW possible up to the year 2020. And the first 10 days after block 300K will be, well, you will see… And after block 304820 POW rewards for more than four years of 4321 SLOTH per block. More info at the Download page.

SlothCoin: “All good things take time!”

May the fork be with you…

  • Technical Information – v 1.3.1 build 3 – block 300K fork 
  • SHA-3 keccak encryption algorithm
  • Difficulty retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well
  • DIGI shield
  • Retargeting every block
  • 150 second blocktime
  • 120 block maturity times
  • 5 block transaction confirmation

Total amount of coins in 2020: 92,233,720,367

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