Slothcoin version 1.3.1 [build 3] has been released. It is known as the 300K fork and makes sure that the Sloth can go on for years to come. All the way into 2021. 

Thanks to user BumbaCoin / PineApple at BitCoinTalk. There are WinX and MacX builds, besides the GNU-Linux build. (Ubuntu 64 14.04, see HERE how to get the needed dependencies in GNU-LINUX)

The binary downloads are either hosted by MEGA Cloud and / or BOX. The sourcecode is hosted at Github.

  • LINUX X64 [version 1.3.1 build 3, QT Wallet & deamon]

Linux SourcecodeSlothcoin Github sourcecode
Linux Binaries: BOX download tar.gz

  • WinX [version 1.3.1 build 3, Qt Wallet]

WinX SourcecodeSlothcoin Github sourcecode
WinX Binaries: MEGA download
If the MEGA Cloud download doesn’t work
WinX Binaries
: BOX download

  • MacX [version 1.3.1 build 3, Qt Wallet]

MacX SourcodeSlothcoin Github sourcecode
MacX Binaries: MEGA download

NOTE: When building clean some ‘.a’ files get deleted. These are Zipped in the master at GitHub. But they can also be downloaded form MEGA by CLICKING HERE.

Bounties for making working WinX and MacX Qt-wallet and deamon are 10 million SLOTH for a Qt-wallet and 5 million SLOTH.

Total bounty: 10 million SLOTH (First come, first served!)

Complete Blockchain: Blockheight 277460 [2015-08-28]

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