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With the 300K fork of Slothcoin, version 1.3.1 [build 3], also came a change in look. A new, younger Sloth, named Sluke, came in front of the camera, with the previous one guiding him into a bright future. (And yes there is a reference there to a SF-movie series.) Things the old and wise Sloth, Sloda, would say to the little one are: “May the fork be with you!” and “Use the fork Sluke!”, to remind users to update.

The new look has a rainforest impression, as seen through the lens of a camera. Where the young Sloth, named Sluke, pops up in front of the photographer. A refreshment of the Slothcoin, with faster responsive difficulty changes. With POW mining going on all the way to the year 2020. A grand total of 92 billion SLOTH will be reached by then. All in good time, following the credo of Slothcoin: “All good things take time!”

Slothcoin uses SHA3 (keccak), Kimoto Gravity Well enforced with DIGI shield for difficulty change. Blocktime is 150 seconds. It retargets every block. Transaction need 5 confirmations and new found blocks need 120 confirms to mature.

Sluke, the young sibling of the old and wise Sloth, Sloda, is curious, makes those cute noises, and moves slightly faster than his parent.

Style da Sloth

Main image is the circle, the camera lens, with the young Sloth, Sluke, inside and the rainforest at the back, with the noon sun shining through the green forest roof.

The font used is Exo 2 (SIL Open Font licence) in different variations, click here to go to download location.

For the background color, besides in Slick dot CF which uses it’s own set, #60A107 can be used. Or use the ‘pipet’ to choose from the logo, for variations of the colorscheme.

The Graphics to be used can be found one the next page: CLICK here to go there.

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