Slothcoin 1.3.1b3 32x32pxThe graphics for use in promotional material for Slothcoin the 300K fork AKA version 1.3.1 [build 3]. Best on background color : #60a107; Open Font to be used EXO 2

The young Sloth, Sluke, symbol for SlothCoin version 1.3.1 build 3

Where ever possible 300 or 600 dpi has been used. Design was done in XARA Xtreme Pro on Ubuntu GNU-Linux. Alfa channel creation for PNG file was done with GIMP.

All the files, shown in preview, can be downloaded in one go from MEGA downloads. It contains seperate PNG images with alfa channel, a 600 dpi page with all graphics, some colour blocks and samples of usage: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ZIP file.

Overview of the promo graphics
Overview of the promotion graphics. With the young Sluke and the wise Sloda Slothcoin images.

Need something different? Please contact OalDamster by Telegram.

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