How to safe a Sloth

Hi dear fellow Slothy.

It has been a while and much has happened since all peers moved on to Slothcoin version There have been quite a few challenges to keep our little Sloth going. But so far the Slothies {like Trekkies for Star Trek fans} community managed to keep the original creation of Dev Thimo going. The community went on with version and it all seemed to go well.

Slothcoin has a faucet/blockexplorer at Cryptoguru: and recently SLOTH got added to another exchange called TradeSatoshi: And it was already present at Cryptopia:

574997, that is the block Slothcoin is currently at. It has come a long way since the 300K fork.

Unfortunately Slothcoin lost its two perminent nodes recently. So, some of the community have stepped up to keep the Sloth going. Also there were some issues with what could be seen as Blockchain split attacks. The Slothies managed to counter also.

But, we are now getting at a crossroad. Move on like this, do a hardfork, or… Swap to a different blockchain? This way current SLOTH owners will be offered a conversion to an Asset on another blokchain. Probably at Bitshares as a User Issued Asset.

About this subject I have written a post at the Social Media Platform Steem (blockchain blogging):…/@oaldamster/how-to-save-a-sloth Your feedback is welcome there.

This is to inform you, fellow Slothy, that things are still moving, true to the nature of our beloved creature: the Sloth.

Have a great one!