Millions of SLOTH give away

Yes, the give away will make some lucky Slothcoin fan multi millionair! And if you want to know how, just get over to Steem, the Social Media platform on a blockchain. Getting an account there already pays out in Steem Power! And you can earn even more Steem by posting, voting and replying.

There is no referal thing involved, just go check it out, and you’ll see. Make sure you at least have one Slothcoin address ready. Because when you want to join the Steembola, you’ll need at least one.

More info at the OalDamster account on the Steem social media platform on a blockchain.


UPDATE: The Slothcoin Steembola started at 2200 CET march 12th 2017. Chances to get 3, 2 or 1 million SLOTH. Or 500, 400 or 300 thousand SLOTH.

Steembola, become a Slothcoin millionair!
Steembola, become a Slothcoin millionair!