What if there is no consencus?

What if there is no concensus on the Slothcoin network about moving to version 1.3.1 build 3 before block 300K kicks in? It needs to be considered that this might happen. Because only one 24/7 deamon updated and there are just a few other peers that seem to have done so until now. No worries yet, but from block 295968 it becomes crucial.

There are more coins up and about that exceed the 2^63-2 limit of the int64 variable of the MAXCOIN value. Some even consider to become POS, while they should go more towards POB (Proof Of Burn), I guess. And MAXCOIN is only there to limit the amount to be send to a maximum. Still it is an int64, signed, so only 63 bit really should be used, divided by 100.000.000, or the value of 1 COIN. But what are the chances of someone having 92 billion COIN, right? So the real COIN ever to be released will almost be like infinite…

If you do not understand this, never mind, back to the fork, or not the fork, that is the question…

Whatever the choice of the majority of peers within the Slothcoin network at block 295968, that version will be the one to continue. Be it version 1.3.0, than so it be. The community chooses. If three quarter of the connection agree to a certain version, then that should be it from block 295968 onwards.

Therefor it will be monitored closely if version 1.3.1 build 3 gets consensus or not by block 295968, if not it will be considered to be voted out. If that happens, the next is adviced, if you did run 1.3.1 build 3, like me, off course.

If by block 295968 Slothcoin version 1.3.1 build 3 has no 3/4 of the connections.

  • Stay Sloth, there is still about a week to go.
  • (Always) Back up your wallet, preferable twice on two different media
  • Stop the 1.3.1 build 3 version
  • When needed, copy your wallet to the 1.3.0 user folder
  • If in seperate folders. Remove the old 1.3.0 ‘blocks’ and ‘chainstate’ folders.
  • If needed, copy the ‘blocks’ and ‘chainstate’ folders to the 1.3.0 user folder
  • Start version 1.3.0 (Qt or deamon) again
  • Be Sloth while it checks the blocks and wallet
  • See what happens in the future, and keep the Sloth goin’

For me, this project is considered to be a learning proces. I like the way the community made an effort to make a difference to keep the Sloth going. And it will probably do so with version 1.3.0. Have no idea what will happen if the overdraw in Slothcoin goes beyond 2^63-2, time will tell. Somewhere around block 330K this will be the case. (In the sourcode MAXCOIN has no real impact, it seems, but only the limit on the amount one is able to send in one go.)

Currently we are still about 4 weeks away from that switchpoint. But when the fork gets no consensus in time then it will be needed for all peers to get back to version 1.3.0, to get the Slothcoin going. And for me the signal to leave and do something else, and put this fork on ice.

Just doing my best to stay realistic, as it might be the scenario that could happen.

Stay Sloth!