Sloth valued

Currently Slothcoin is valued at about 8 ‰ BTC Satoshi, based data from Cryptopia Exchange. That means 125 SLOTH are needed to get 1 Satoshi BTC in return. With this value the current market capacity for Slothcoin can be calculated. 

The available supply of SLOTH is about 85 billion. Divided by 125 gives 680 million Satoshi BTC, or 6.8 ฿. That is about 2839 $, or 2576 €, at current market prices. So if you ever dreamed of being a billionair, here is your chance: buy Slothcoin!

Yes, ok, you then would be a SLOTH billionair for an investment of about 30 Euro. And allthough is seems a little step from  6 to 8 ‰, it is actually a rise of 33 %. So even in that little engine that could, that slowly moving cute Sloth, there is more strength to it then you might have ever imagined.

Still going Sloth all the way.

Slothcoin, Proof Of Burn

Just an experiment, no real Proof Of Burn, only some modding in Minetest. Allthough the Slothcoin blocks started to catch on fire real fast. 

It seems that Minetest has the potential to really add some blockchain application to it. How would that work? And could it work?

The idea allready is fun to think about.

Slothcoin with Proof Of Burn. :p Well in Minetest it works...

Slothcoin with Proof Of Burn. :p
Well in Minetest it works…

Still going Sloth

The majority of peers has turned to version 1.3.1 build 3and block 300K has been left far behind. Rewards are going steady at 4321 SLOTH per block and will do so until the year 2020. Solo mining still is profitable, current network hash is around 500 Mega Hashes per second. 

There is a faucet that pays 100 SLOTH every 12 hours.  And at Multifaucet there is also a public Block Explorer. Trading can be done at Cryptopia. And allthough they use the graphics of the previous version, they seem to have the right wallet version.

The miningpool still seems to be at the previous version, but the blockchain is working fine. It can be downloaded there too. Download Slothcoin for your system, run it once and close it. After that download the complet blockchain and unpack in the Slothcoin folder. Restart Slohtcoin and  it should be at ther right block after a while.

There are still about a 900.000 blocks to mine at 4321 SLOTH each. So get your Sloth on and go (solo) mining!

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