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Difficulty and blocksize

There seems to be something to do about blocksize, should it be gigantic? Even mister Satoshi himself got involved again. Allthough that is subject of discussion inside the world of BiTCoin. Some were even asking to shut him up. Even if it seemed very likely that is was indeed the creator of BiTCoin himself. Now why should the developers listen to him right? Or should they, because he is making a legit point?

It started to go in a direction of spliting up BTC when a group developers started to try to get mainstream acceptance. In some way this would make BiTCoin about the same thing as fiat money. As a virtual version of it. That is a big deal, because at a certain point it would get regulated by law and taxed the next moment. Also Banks could have a real go at it. And major corporations too.

Now, mister Nakamoto Satoshi would have to step in, because, as far as it can be understood, this was the opposite of why BiTCoin was created.

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Slothcoin fork released

A new splashscreenSooner than expected the sourcecode and GNU-Linux binaries have been released. Version 1.3.1 [build 3] are ready to go, way before block 300K. The WinX and MacX binaries are not available yet. And there are bounties, to be payed in SLOTH, for whoever builds them in time.

There were some minor hickups, like losing the sourcecode changes, but now it is ready to go. The changed reward system kicks in at block 300K and the Qt-wallet and deamon have been tested on Ubuntu GNU-Linux. Starting fast, getting the blocks in at full spead and even mining very well.

The QR-code has been fixed, less warnings during build and some other minor changes have been done. The change from block 300K has been made conditional. It needs consensus of the network though. That means that all current 1.3.0 versions need to update to 1.3.1 to get it really going from block 300K.

Remember to ALWAYS backup your current Wallet before changing to version 1.3.1 [build 3]. Better even do two Backups, on different media, like a USB stick or SD-card.

May the Sloth be with you!

The new wallet

SlothCoin almost at block 300K

SlothCoin developement seems to have come to a halt. The website has been offline for a while. And the original developer has not written at the forum announcement item of SlothCoin at BiTCoinTalk for months. When the wallet starts it shows a splashscreen with version 1, but it has been updated to version 1.3.0, by the original developer. SlothCoin is still going strong, so what is the suggested 300K block fork about?

The coin itself is based on the Keccak, better known as SHA3, encryption algorithym. It’s logo is the Sloth, a wonderfull inspiring animal, one of earths beautifull creatures. Originally there were to be 10 billion coins to be released, at least that was hard-coded into the wallet software. But when it was announced it stated that there would be a hundred billion SlothCoin released over a period of time. This is done by so called ‘mining’ and is rewarded with a certain amount of COIN.

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