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Slothcoin moving forward

Good news for all the Slothies out there. Slothcoin is moving forward. It has been picked up by the community to move on where the last fork left off. This also means that Slick dot CF will no longer be the official website for Slothcoin. Because the original webaddress got registered again and is being used for the further developement of Slothcoin. 

The image of the young Sloth Sluke will be replaced by the one of Sloda, that started it all. This will also make it clear that there is a change and Slothcoin is moving forward. First the community members that picked up this free and open source project will improve the original website Slothcoin dot org. Also they will get the Facebook group handed over by me, as I support this innitiative.

With this new developement there is no need for this website, Slick dot CF, to stay active for Slothcoin. But as long as there is no release of new wallet it will stay around as a back up.

Good luck to the Slothcoin community!

Slothcoin update