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Sloth to Proxima Centauri!

To Proxima Centauri!And we’re off! Where other Crypto Fiat coins go for the moon or mars, Slothcoin will even go beyond that. Sluke, the young Sloth is on his way to Proxima Centauri. Off course he found the Fork to be a wormhole to his destination. It’s the way of the wise Sloth.

While it took some time to get the new version 1.3.1 build 3 accepted by old and new users of Slothcoin, it finally took off. More connections to the network, Slothly it goes. With the crucial block slowly closing in all seems to go more Sloth then thought before.

And now it is up to Cryptopia, MultiFaucet and the rest to join in. Making a stronger network all together now there is a pool too.

Let’s go towards 2020 here and may the Sloth be with you!