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Still going Sloth

The majority of peers has turned to version 1.3.1 build 3and block 300K has been left far behind. Rewards are going steady at 4321 SLOTH per block and will do so until the year 2020. Solo mining still is profitable, current network hash is around 500 Mega Hashes per second. 

There is a faucet that pays 100 SLOTH every 12 hours.  And at Multifaucet there is also a public Block Explorer. Trading can be done at Cryptopia. And allthough they use the graphics of the previous version, they seem to have the right wallet version.

The miningpool still seems to be at the previous version, but the blockchain is working fine. It can be downloaded there too. Download Slothcoin for your system, run it once and close it. After that download the complet blockchain and unpack in the Slothcoin folder. Restart Slohtcoin and  it should be at ther right block after a while.

There are still about a 900.000 blocks to mine at 4321 SLOTH each. So get your Sloth on and go (solo) mining!