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Slothcoin at 500%…!?

This is something I really would like all those who have SLOTH in their wallet to know. As I stopped being actively involved with Slothcoin and moved on to other things I stopped following its price developement. And to my suprise I read that SLOTH is worth 5 lite-satoshi!

Now this is a great way to start a new year for the Slothies. A rise of 500% as it is being traded at the Cryptopia exchange. Cryptos are booming and it is great to see Slothcoin become a part of that.

It is been build to last, POW mining into 2021. So there is still some SLOTH to get.

May the SLOTH be with you!

Sloth all the way into 2021

Thanks to a fellow Steemer, I became aware that Slothcoin is still going steady. While other developements change rapidly, the little Sloth does what it does best: moving forward slowly and steady. It is an amazing creature, that tells us not everything fast, huge and strong will survive. Allthough, have you seen the claws it has?

Cleaned up a bit here at Slick dot CF, things have changed, just like me. Adapting to life’s reality as it is, that’s what kept the Sloth going, and so will I and probably you. Allthough there has been no fork recently Slothcoin is still going steady as it is. As I don’t ‘C’ that well, I have no intent to change the code of Slothcoin. What got me in was the SHA3 algo and well, I like Sloths.

And I like innovations that might help create a human society where we are born free to remain so for as long as we live, as souvereign human beings. That’s why I joined SteemIt a while back, and why I got into BitShares too, even though I am still being somewhat sceptical towards blockchain technology. Specially towards those that got intertwined with the centralized banking money system.

But I’m convinced now that there are developements in the blockchain realm that really will make a change. Like the Graphene BlockChain Technology. And it is mostly about moving towards a different kind of perspective about how human beings can live their lifes in freedom. A cultural shift, new paradigms about how it can shift from hierarchy in ruled competition into a society that is build on co-operation by sovereign humans acting out off their own voluntairy objectives.

Allready we can see this shift happening, think ‘Open Source’ , ‘Common Creatives’ licenses. And even large multinationals are moving towards Open Source. Now, I tend to be somewhat sceptic about that, specially when large multinational banks get into the world of blockchains and get involved in start-ups.

But maybe it is important to forgive and also to remember what it was that we have forgiven. To stay alert and to keep Slothly going towards a different future. There are still some ideas, also related to Slothcoin, and I will let you know here first.

And do you want to join the paradigm shift? At SteemIt you can blog on a blockchain and it might even get you some Steem coins while you are at it.

Torum on it’s own chain

At last some exciting news. TORUM, the Monetary System ‘Coin’ on the NXT platform will get it’s own chain. The Oldambtster history based Crypto Fiat Valuta seems to get a bright future. This will be made possible thanks to the NXT 2.0 developement, named: Ardor. And because there will be 15.09 Trillion TORUM available, there is still a lot to be SHA3 mined.

The NXT 2.0, Ardor, developers expect the new blockchain to go live somewhere in 2017. For TORUM(Short for Thorumhaim) this means that it will get it’s own substantive subchain to use. The Monetary System did not really get off to a good start, it just was there, without lots of exchanges. Kind of locked in the NXT realm. With it’s own subchain it will become substantive, available as a Crypto Fiat Valuta.

And that means it can be exchanged for other NXT based ‘coins’, for NXT Ardor ‘coins’ and it can run in it’s own enviroment. There is no need to get all the NXT 2.0 blockchains, only the main one and if you wanted to use TORUM, then the subchain of that. It will be a deep purge, leaving the NXT 1.0 chain alive too. Moving all assets in NXT to Ardor.

In case you’re wondering why the prise of NXT went up recently? Over a periode of time all NXT account will be watched. And the average in NXT will be payed in Ardor after this time. It might be indeed a big purge, but with a bonus. All transactions dumped, only the value promised on the NXT 2.0 chain. And there is much more to come.

For the TORUM it is a liberation. And this might kick off in an awesome way! Where in between versions they seem to have found a way to clean up the blockchain too. And how to do this in a simple manner. Dropping one old blockchain, replacing it with a fresh and modern one.

Maybe the fighting Bitcoin developers should take note of this?


TORUM ᚦ, in 2017 a fully functional Crypto Fiat Valuta aka ‘Coin’