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SlothCoin almost at block 300K

SlothCoin developement seems to have come to a halt. The website has been offline for a while. And the original developer has not written at the forum announcement item of SlothCoin at BiTCoinTalk for months. When the wallet starts it shows a splashscreen with version 1, but it has been updated to version 1.3.0, by the original developer. SlothCoin is still going strong, so what is the suggested 300K block fork about?

The coin itself is based on the Keccak, better known as SHA3, encryption algorithym. It’s logo is the Sloth, a wonderfull inspiring animal, one of earths beautifull creatures. Originally there were to be 10 billion coins to be released, at least that was hard-coded into the wallet software. But when it was announced it stated that there would be a hundred billion SlothCoin released over a period of time. This is done by so called ‘mining’ and is rewarded with a certain amount of COIN.

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