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Slothcoin 1.3.1 build 3 coming

Still some way off from block 300K there were some little bugs found in Slothcoin version 1.3.1. So another build is coming up. Number 3 addresses some calculation error of 900K COIN, which would make Slothcoin still go over the maximum int64 value. Hopefully it is done right this time.

Compiling in GNU Linux is a peace of cake. WinX, on the other hand is a real pain in the… But it seems that the MakeFile is a bit outdated for that matter too. The idea was though to have a team, or more than 1 contributer for Slothcoin 1.3.1. Where there would be one for building WinX and one for building MacX. While Slick dot CF takes care of the GNU Linux build.

Considering that users of GNU Linux versions other than Debian/Ubuntu and their siblings would be able to build it themselves. Hopefully some people will step in to make the WinX and / or MacX build happen. The bounty still stands.

You can contact Slick dot CF through www.Telegram.me/ username SlickDotCF behind the slash forward. (Telegram is a free message system that works on most hardware and operating systems, or a modern browser: www.telegram.org)